Book 7 Cover

From the Diary of Todd Barkley: December 6, 1988

Salisbury, England

Age: 14

I had that dream again; it seems to focus more and more each time I have it. My night terrors were starting to alarm the other students; therefore, my councilors have issued me what they call a "dream journal". Its purpose is for me to jot down any information on these dreams and explain them to myself as vividly as I can. Then, according to my councilor, the nightmares will eventually fade away. Somehow I highly doubt that hypothesis to actually play out for me, considering how severely these odd reveries affected me. Something in this dream, it is always cold, and it just frankly feels wrong, almost evil (if that were a feeling). Just about every single night, I find myself wearing that red and black uniform, looking into the eyes of that older reflection of myself. He is always grey and white in color as soon as I manage to see the full image of him in my subconscious mirror. Then he looks back at me, the glare in his red eyes assures me that what I know is true. The reflection is sinister, and it is definitely and most assuredly myself who I am looking into; I was a face of darkness. By the time I touch my finger to the mirror, the glass shatters, the world turned empty and black, then I find myself awake in my dorm room, a cold sweat and a possible huddle of eyes looking at me, depending on how loudly I had been screaming. Here’s hoping that these British psychologists actually know what they’re doing. My name is Todd Xavier Barkley, and this is my nightmare.

Book Seven Edit

December 7, 1988