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Death is's so easy that everyone does it. Some leave before their time, but for a good purpose; others unwillingly sacrifice their lives or worse, they take them simply out of pity. Life will change without you---loved ones will mourn---even enemies will mourn, but life may also flourish, only if you're willing to sacrifice your own. Yes, death may be simple, some can even be painless, but only a series of complicated events will ever come of it after you're gone...

10 Minutes Before…

Book Four Edit

Chapter Twenty: Detonation (Part Two)

Chapter Twenty-One: Hauntings

Chapter Twenty-Two: The Prince of Pahltor

Chapter Twenty-Three: New Lives

Chapter Twenty-Four: The Dragon Warrior's Log

Chapter Twenty-Five: Rocket Brother

Chapter Twenty-Six: Journey

Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Great March

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Full-Moon

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Lander the Betrayer

Chapter Twenty-Thirty: Homecoming

Chapter Twenty-Thirty-One: An Odd Entity