Book 5 Cover 2
Book 5 Cover


Is everything we know a lie? Are aliens and demons really among us? Is there a difference between life and death? It seems nothing about the laws of nature applies anymore, whatever goes. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone I'd ever known comes back to life because it seems---at least recently, it seems that nothing ever stays buried. No-one ever stays dead...

Not Too Long Before…

Book Five Edit

Chapter Thirty-Two: One by One

Chapter Thirty-Three: The Great Star Man

Chapter Thirty-Four: Daddy Dearest

Chapter Thirty-Five: Excalibur

Chapter Thirty-Six: Organov

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Apple Trees

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Seeking Slater

Chapter Thirty-Nine: “X”

Chapter Forty: Wisdom and Woe

Chapter Forty-One: Issues/Traitors

Chapter Forty-Two: Twilight Zone

Chapter Forty-Three: Family Conflict

Chapter Forty-Four: The College Campaign

Chapter Forty-Five: Last Entry

Chapter Forty-Six: Epilogue