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This is an original story which features Marron Melinoe, a somewhat introverted college student who suddenly finds herself the target of an evil society of mystic beings called "The Fallen". Being the last living member of her species, the evil and misunderstood, Spectres, Marron befriends a small school of magical demon hunters known as the "Illuminati". Together she and her friends only have a short while to prepare Marron to face the Fallen and prevent them from using her powers to take over the world as we know it.

This is book contains 11 chapters that are expanding and under revision.

There are Character illustrations for this story

Running Date: 2013-Pending

Status: Inactive

Inspiration: The Mortal Instruments

Rated: PG-13 (Mild Language and situations that might not be suitable for younger readers)

  • Chapter One
  • Chapter Two
  • Chapter Three
  • Chapter Four
  • Chapter Five
  • Chapter Six
  • Chapter Seven
  • Chapter Eight
  • Chapter Nine
  • Chapter Ten
  • Chapter Eleven


Marron Melinoe
  • Marron Andrea Melinoe- The protagonist. Once she was a normal, nerdy, shy, and rather artistic college student, but soon Marron realized in the blink of an eye that she belonged to a secret society of mystic beings known as the Spectre. The problem was that the Spectre were extinct, said to have been completely wiped off of the face of the planet. As the last remaining Spectre in the world, only eighteen year old Marron possesses a strong power, capable of stopping an evil league of demons known as “The Fallen”.
Holt Sherwood
  • Holt Abner Sherwood- The moody leader of Eryn's small school of Illuminati students. He iscool under fire, but his tramatic past often keeps him from expressing his true feelings to others. He was born under two professional Illuminati soldiers and is also a pure-blooded "Luminous" which maskes his control over light and energy cause his eyes to constantly change color with his mood---making it somewhat hard for him to pass as the unfeeling 18 year old that he strives to act like. He is very brash and arrogant, but protective and resolute in his work and to his team. His hot headed nature makes him dense and mysterious, but his loud mouth gives him a comedic, almost cruel-humored side that reminds everyone that he is still only a teenager.
Rory Dabria
  • Rory Dabria- The comedic and fun-loving member of the group. Rory was lost with no memory in his hometown of Egypt, remembering very little detail about his parents or his homelife other than the fact his Irish father was a warlock and an alchemy collector. After loosing his memories under magical forces, Rory hopes to figure out his forgotten past, but have as much fun as he can along the way. Rory is often a very laid back and an all-around generous person---kind, sarcastic, and witty, but also curious and has a knack for drawing in trouble. He is fluent in magic like his fellow team members, but focuses more in Alchemy, and he often speaks in Arabic or old Irish when he gets too overwhelmed.
Avalon Groves
  • Avalon Groves- She is the only girl of Eryn's school before Marron arrived and is not very good at being social towards new faces. She is willing to do anything to get her way and can come off a little "evil" to those who don't really know her well. Ava's mother was a Dryad in her small reserve back in Montana, her father acting as chief of their old tribe. As the half-blood daughter of a Dryad, Ava has almost witchlike capabilities and strong influences over life forces and nature
Eryn Percival
  • Eryn Bayard Percival- The head teacher at the institute where the younger Illuminati members trainand operate from. He is extremely wise as well as book intelligent and he knows just about every spell, every potion, and every creature known to the mystic realm. In his prime, Eryn was one of the Illuminati’s primary members and one of their best and most powerful warriors---until a tragic attack caused by minions of The Fallen, not only took out his entire fleet and killed his bride, but left him partially handicapped at the legs and unable to be healed magically. Now Eryn teaches the newer generation how to keep the world at peace and trains them to overcome any foe they should face. His half-Erinyes blood has delayed his aging making him look like a 40 year old man, even though he is well over 500 years old.
  • Calpurnia- She is the “mother-figure” of the Institute, and is seldom seen during the daytime, unless cooking in a very dark kitchen; this is because Calpurnia is a Menehune and they are nocturnal mystics that hail from Hawaii. she is very pleasant and kind to whomever she meets while cleaning the large estate in the dead of night. She knows many secrets from the house and also possesses quite useful knowledge on the secrets of the mansion. Calpurnia is only about four feet tall and she has pointed ears; she can be moody one moment, calm the next. She was rescued by Eryn nearly 290 years ago in her home near Hawaii, and she has remained his close friend ever since, adapting a small crush on the friend she calls “master”.
Landria Bates
  • Landria Ann Bates- Marron’s “hominid” roommate and a very cheerful girl at that. Her father is the extremely wealthy owner of a successful business and she is fabulously wealthy. Still, she attends a public university in Los Angeles, sharing a small home with Marron during their college days. She studied to be a fashion designer/ actress, but modeled on the side---partied a lot---and she has had numerous boyfriends the past few months. Still, her heart is in the right place and she is very friendly, her attitude can be quite brash and overbearing at times and she truly believes that her way of doing things is the right way and only way they should be dealt with. Landria is thought to be very beautiful and radiant and she is the humorous comedy relief human in a new world of mystic that she does not fully understand.
Arthur Coven
  • Arthur Coven- Arthur is a Dhamphyr, which is the child of a human woman and a full-blooded Vampire. His mother died giving birth to him, though he managed to grow up for 80 years under the radar of the Illuminati in a small haven of Night-Slaves. He has a very laid back, rock star attitude and is fairly kind despite his breeding. Arthur likes to keep out of other mystics' affairs and tries to keep he and his wife away from the cross fire. As a Dhamphyr, Arthur, can walk around in the sunlight, and he also has the rare ability to create other vampire-like creatures called the Noctambul or the "Night-Slaves".
Gertrude Coven
  • Gertrude "Black" Coven- Arthur's wife. She was raised in NYC an only child and at age 16 an orphan after her parents were killed in a car accident. She later became a business woman and lived a fairly normal, boring life until she turned 27 and felt like her lonely life was going nowhere. She was on the verge of suicide and went to get her last cup of coffee before planning to throw away her life, but fate had other plans and she met a very handsome man and he gave her something to live for again. Her stunning boyfriend turned out to be a Dhamphyr. He offered her a choice to be with him forever and run away from the world, live outside of time, just the two of them forever. She took it with no regrets, they married and for once she was truly happy.
Wendy Parker
  • Gwendolyn Lilith Parker "Wendy"- Wendy was raised by her mother in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but word spread of her Demon ancestry and as the violent threats for her life as well as her mother’s life grew fiercer, Wendy ran far away and settled down in Brooklyn by the age fourteen. She is a very quiet girl, keeps to herself and never causes trouble. She likes to read and draw, but harbors intense power beneath her gentle appearance. If made angry enough, Wendy transforms into a demonic monster, the Wendigo---but being only half demon, this gives Wendy the ULTRA-RARE ability to shape shift into any lesser demon she can imagine, and this also gives her unique speaking abilities to evil entities, and the ability to detect any demons if they are nearby.
Cricket Chan
  • Cricket Nhi Chan"- Cricket grew up in a modern household with her mother and father, who for generations, had been sources for the Hakutaku (Japan) or Baí Zé (Chinese) spirit that was known in ancient times to hand down knowledge on monsters and demons, to those who needed the information. Every so often, a member of the Chan family is chosen to represent the Hakutaku Spirit and thus, they are born with the most advanced knowledge and trade secrets of every known creature that was learned throughout the reincarnated history of their family. This spirit is also described as “Kutabe” and is called by many names. A representative is revealed with a large birthmark on their back which looks like a calligraphic Henna Tattoo of the ancient monster description of Katube: A monstrous, feline creature with multiple eyes, horns, and tusked teeth.
Zane Lucian
  • Zane Nathaniel Lucian "- Zane was born and raised on a farm in Hollandale just a few miles from the village of the Spectres. Originally his family hailed from the most pure and powerful of Lycanthrope blood, making them royalty among Werewolves and other Changelings in the mythical world. After the revolt against the Illuminati, Zane’s forefathers were shunned and stripped of power, though many were-folk still worship them due to their advanced speed, strength, control, and power. Zane’s father became friends with the local Spectre and fearing an up rise due to his royal blood, the Illuminati disposed of him and his family when Zane was only twelve. He holds a significant connection to Marron and her family.
Rook Harper
  • Rook “Nejem” Harper"- He is a new addition to the gang; a half-Djinn, half-Faerie to the everlasting amusement of Holt and Rory. He has a star in the pupil of his left eye and also, bears tattoos of faerie symbols of glamour, health, and prosperity. His parents agreed that they wanted him to live a moderately normal Hominid lifestyle in a world that is growing less and less in magic and more in science. When he was just a young boy, Rook’s parents tattooed the fairy charm of glamour on his left shoulder, changing his appearance to that of an almost ordinary human being---forever. He cannot remember what he really looks like, but so long as that tattoo is marked into his flesh, Rook will never know.

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