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About this Fanon:Edit

This Fanon is a long work based on the hit series, Avatar: The Last Airbender and the newer continued story of The Legend of Korra. In it, I try to create events that might have taken place after the end of the original series and tell a story through seventy years of life lived by all members of Team Avatar and beyond.

Chapters in this story are categorized into short years, in which case, there are 70 chapters divided at Year 53 which marks the beginning of the new Avatar's life. Some years are shorter than others, just as some stories are more revealing to the plot of Legend of Korra, while others act as one large "Tale of Ba Sing Se" in book form that can come off confusing, but interesting to read about nonetheless.

This Series contains many illustrations made from Banned Story Simulation, but were based upon doodles that I drew a long time ago. It has won a shared award for illustrations in the local Wiki's Fanon Awards.

Running Date: June 21, 2012- Present Day

Status: ACTIVE

Origin: Avatar Wiki

Rated: G (Content is suitable for all ages)

This is the first Fanon that I ever uploaded onto a wiki, and has gained fairly positive reviews and many fans since it has been uploaded. I hope you will enjoy it!

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