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This is my newest little idea!

It is the story about a 19 year old boy that was afraid to die after being beaten within an inch of his life in the alley of Bristol, England in 1837. He is found by a devious demon-like man named Bennet Pryor and made an apprentice where Miccam's main job is to take care of any and all "loose ends" his boss, Bennet, orders him to kill---and for the most part he does it. For the next two hundred years, Miccam willingly follows every order that Bennet issues to him; but, that all changes when he is ordered to kill an innocent young woman who simply eavesdropped on the wrong conversation that could incidentally change the fate of the world as we all know it.

The chapters are expanding and I did a few drafts of character appearance.

Rated: PG/PG13---some language and situations might not be suitable for younger readers

Running Date: 6/25/2013-Present

Status: WIP

Origin: Original love story about Vampires---well they're sort of like Vampires...maybe demons? It is supposed to be mysterious, actiony, and full of unseen twists and turns!


  • Miccam Ballison (Mick-em Bahl-eh-son)
A 19 (technically 200) year old boy who at a twist of fate becomes an immortal killer under the debt of a devious old sociopath. Once a simple farm boy in Bristol, England during the 1800's, he becomes a hitman for his boss and savior, Bennet Pryor, and he is a force feared throughout both the human world and also the land of downworlders. He is known best for his countless murders on any figure Bennet asked him to go kill, and never once has Miccam ever failed to snuff out a loose end. Past the 181 years of killing, Miccam still values life and tries his best to be a good person, even though fate had now turned him into a monster.
  • Seychelle Duval (Say-shell Doo-vall)
One wrong turn on Bourbon Street and this young woman finds herself at the mercy of a whole council of ruthless monsters who only want her dead. After managing to escape them, Bennet hires Miccam to dispose of this eavesdropper for good, but for some reason, the renown hitman can't seem to go through with it, and instead helps 19 year old Seychelle run from an entire world now chasing them and gnawing at their heels.
  • Bennet Pryor (Ben-net Pry-er)
A wicked soul born in the 1500's, he uses his power and strengths to intimidate everybody and also is notorious for striking deals with humans and downworlders, most of which lead to the client's death in the end. He is the youngest of four main leaders of the underworld and the personal master of Miccam Ballison, his young hitman/apprentice who he believes is too soft due to his sentimentality and morality towards the creatures he is sent to kill.
  • Adok Shervin (Add-dock Sh-erv-in)
A scrawny, pale, and silent figure; Adok is an extremely powerful old monster and a personal apprentice to Orrick---often kissing up and groveling at the master's feet. His name literally means darkness and looking at him, it wouldn't be hard to guess that he is one of the most sinister faces that has been scaring people in their nightmares for the past 600 years.
  • Falstaff Hod (Fail-stahf Hahd)
A rather large and joyous old vampire-like demon; he seems happy-go-lucky and drunk on the outside, but behind his bushy red beard and pounds of flab, Falstaff is one of the most renown and feared leaders of the Underworld and has committed countless acts of travesty an violence for the last 700 years. He is the second in command of the council seeking to take over the world.
  • Orrick Furnivall (Or-rick Fern-ih-vahl)
He is the leader of the Underworld and literally the strongest immortal figure in the known world. Being the oldest, he often believes himself to be the wisest and also the head of the council of leaders; he is often looming his judgmental old head over Falstaff, Adok, and especially the mouthy young Bennet, watching any and all actions that they do. To date he is around 1000 years old, and craves power and ownership over all lands: the Underworld, the mortal land of the Mundanes, and especially the Upperworld---just as he once had in the days of old.
  • Lorna Lance (Lore-nah Lan-ts)
Twenty-eight year old, Lorna Lance, preferably called "Lorn" by her peers, is a blood inherited Lycan and in rare control of her werewolf-like abilities due to a touch of wiccan blood from her late mother. Twenty years ago, Lorn's mother was killed by Adok for unknown reasons, and her father went mad and abandoned Lorn and Dallon (her younger brother) a few months after. Sworn to protect each other, the siblings raised themselves and honed their supernatural abilities alone as they traveled across country in search of Adok in means of revenge. Expert trackers, hunters, and protectors, they still search for the elusive vampire, all the while making sure no more innocent human families get caught in the crossfire between demons and mythical creatures. She is a rather cold and calculating woman, thinking only about getting her vengeance on Adok, and occasionally the protection of weaker species. Her brother can actually manage to make her see what else is important in life and she thinks he is the only thing keeping her small sliver of compassion and humanity in tact. Without Dallon, Lorn believes that she would be just as feral and bloodthirsty as a real wolf and her rage would eventually blind her from determining friends or foes (just like their missing father).
  • Dallon Lance (Dahl-lon Lan-ts)
Twenty-four year old, Dallon Lance, nicknamed Dow by his sister, is a strong blood descendant of Lycans like his sister and shares some equally impressive and rare abilities thanks to the wiccan blood inherited from his mother. He is much more compassionate and soft-tempered than his hasty older sister, and he is often the voice of reason between the two. He holds great respect for his sister and sees her as a great leader, though she can lash out quickly and loose her temper in a heartbeat. For these reasons, he hasn't told her his massive secret, and hopes she never finds it out until after the siblings finally kill the monster responsible for breaking their family apart. Maybe then he thinks they can have a chance at starting their normal lives and adding members to their pack as part of the family.


  • Beckham Ballison (Beck-um Bahl-eh-son)
Miccam's father and the only family that Miccam can ever remember anything about. He was a lonely, self-centered farmer in Bristol during the 1800's, who always kept to himself, and later died of Typhoid Fever about five years after his son went "missing".
  • Miccam's Mother
She left when Miccam was very young and he does not remember much about her. Her betrayal left her husband shallow and distrustful in levels that he never fully recovered from.
  • Dominique Lance (Dahm-in-ee-k Lan-s)
Lorna and Dallon's mother. She was once a nurturing witch/ wiccan healer living peacefully near a wooded area with her small family of Lycans(due to her husband's pure bloodline). For reasons yet unknown to her children, Dominique became a target for Adok and was killed by him a little over twenty years prior to the story. What exactly she was doing to get herself on his hit list is not yet known.
  • Mr. Lance
The husband of Dominique and father to Lorna and Dallon. Mr. Lance is known to be a pure blooded Lycanthrope and once loving and devoted father figure. After his wife was murdered by Adok, he is said to have gone mad, his pure instinctive Werewolf emotions caused him to transform in a frenzy and he abandoned the life of a man and his two young children in the process. His whereabouts or if he is even strictly alive is currently a mystery.
  • Remy Dubois (Rhem-me Doo-bwah)
Mister Dubois is a humble bar owner on Bourbon Street for over twenty years, and also Seychelle's boss.
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