About this Fanon:Edit

This is an original story which features Derik Allen Peterson, a teenage boy who is forced to move from his beloved snowboarder syled life in Colorado to the ever boring town of Sequim, Washington. Things in the new town seem pretty dull at first, that is, until strange things start happening to Derik and he finds out about the small town's terrible secret, one that not even the townsfolk are completely aware of themselves.

This is a one book shot that contains 7 chapters.

There are no illustrations for this fanon as of now.

Running Date: 2010-Pending

Status: UNFINISHED (needs an ending)

Origin: Imagination

Rated: PG-13 (Mild Language and situations that might not be suitable for younger readers)


  • Derik Allen Peterson- The Protagonist and just your average teenaged snowboarder---that is until his family moves to Sequim and he has to start a new, boring life in a town that might as well be dead.
  • Anna Lynn Peterson- Derik's kid sister.
  • Kurt Lincoln- Derik's best friend from Colorado.
  • Ricochette Redfoot Jr. "Ricki"- Derik's new friend from Sequim and his next door neighbor.
  • Kitty Wallers- A girl from Derik's new school that eventually becomes close friends with him.
  • Henry "Hank" Strong- The school's jock and tough guy who picks fights with Derik to assert his dominace in the school.