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This is an original story that I wrote to tell about a twenty-five year old, orphaned man named Sedrick Shaw. Rick was just your ordinary law student, attending classes at Harvard, on what he stated was a "full-ride" paid for by an art scholarship that he couldn't quite explain. He was a lonely sort of man, didn't work too hard, never went out of his way for others, and only his Great Dane, Bruce kept him company in a lowly apartment in New York. One day, Rick witnessed the murder of the only college professor at Harvard who actually thought that he could amount to anything, Albert Kingston. After that night, things in Rick's life took a turn for the weird when he was abducted by a mysterious yet attractive agent woman, and brought to a strange place called Base 22. The base is an organization filled with agents and secret creatures that are responsible for every conspiracy theory known to man. Where does Sedrick Shaw come in to all of this you wonder? Well he wonders that too because despite his arguments to the agents of Base 22, they say that he holds the key to defeating the world-wide-conspiracy-mafia known as “Ultimatum” the sworn enemy to their base and a major threat to the entire world. Unknown to Rick, his entire long-forgotten family were part of this team of super-secret spies unknown to the C.I.A. and they were the ones responsible for creating Base 22. Rick's memory is the only thing now that can stop Ultimatum and save the world, but the journey to recover those repressed thoughts send Sedrick on a wild ride full of secrets, cover ups, and out of this world danger.

This is a single book containing 11 chapters.

This Series currently contains no illustrations.

Running Date: 2010-2011

Status: COMPLETED (Needs editing)

Origin: Conspiracy Theories

Rated: PG-13 (Mild cussing and situations that might not be suitable for younger readers)

  • Chapter One
  • Chapter Two
  • Chapter Three
  • Chapter Four
  • Chapter Five
  • Chapter Six
  • Chapter Seven
  • Chapter Eight
  • Chpater Nine
  • Chapter Ten
  • Chapter Eleven


  • Sedrick "Rick" Shaw- The Protagonist and the man who holds all the awnsers. He was orphaned at a young age and grew up in a rough way, but now Rick has a chance to make something worthwhile of himself and also save the world---well, if his memories can keep coming back. He starts to slowly learn of all of the wonderous and wicked things about the universe as he gets deeper into the web of conspiracies in Base 22 and the secrets of his family.
  • Bruce- Bruce is Rick's trusty Great Dane and probably the smartest, most loyal dog on the planet.
  • Agent Rossaline Karev (Roz-ah-lin Cah-rev)- Is the most stubborn and ruthless Sector 1 agent of Base 22. She likes almost nothing (besides causing pain) and is cursed with the gift of natural beauty (an advantage in her line of work). Ever since the kidnapping, torture, and murder of her older brother Agent Mikhail, she has been distant and angry, and even before that she was a living stone because of the Ultimatum assassination of her Parents (Working the Romanov Conspiracy) she has been a woman who only knows the job and has no compassion for others.
  • Agent Decon Payne (Dee-con Pain)- A big, burly man with tons of attitude and loads of skill. He’s a nice guy (once you get to know him) and the only friend of his partner, Agent Ross Karev. He’s huge in muscle and size, but honsetly is just a big softy who loves animals, his mama, and he is even a skilled cook---but Decon will snap you like a plastic spoon if you tease him about it.
  • Cyril- An alien immigrant from far away on a dying planet in space. He migrated here with his wife and son in the 50’s, and agreed to be a scientist in exchange for shelter in Base 22. He is one-hundred years old, which in his time is only about forty. He can use a telepathy to invade other people’s dreams, but only at certain times and is known to be very polite and a bit of a coward.
  • Rex Fulton- Also known as "Boss Man" is the acting head of Base 22 and a rather mysterious gentleman. He is tidy and together, but loves a challenge and has a good dose of dark humor within him. Some say he snapped when his wife, Rebecca, and daughter, Angela, were brutally murdered by Ultimatum agents on their trip to Mexico involving the Kennedy assassination back when he was still a field agent for Sector 1.
  • Patricia Sue Allen- An orphaned country girl from an unknown state in the South. She’s kind and caring, full of compassion, but also a little nosy. Four years ago she signed up to be given daily doses of a possible cure for the common cold, but instead her and two other men were given incredible tester-super-powers and trained as agents for Base 22 in an elite division called, “Sector 13.” Patti can talk to animals, walk through walls, read minds, fly, and paralyze anything with its own body mass acting as a venom. It is also clear that she knows something secret going on in “Sector 1” where Rick is at, but doesn’t make it clear to what it is?
  • Lenard Rivers- A very tall, fit man with a kind heart and gentle nature. He signed up voluntarily as an air-force pilot in the British army. He was given illegal steroid shots (thought to be vaccines) until he figured it out and was dismissed from his sector. Years later, he was given a job by Boss-Man to be a super hero (unknown to him because of his size and strength), but instead Lenny was given an experimental serum containing highly deadly and extremely experimental doses of super-powers. Lenny has super strength, can teleport, make copies of himself, stretch/ morph his skin, and has super-hearing
  • Manny Fuller- A very crotchety old man with a load of wisdom, but the attitude of a teenage boy. He trusts only his co-mates, Patti and Lenny, and hates all government and stupid people. Manny has a secret life behind his newly granted powers. Given when he went in for a flu-shot (forced upon him by his doctor, unknown to him at the time, a secret Base 22 agent). Manny can shoot lasers from his eyes, has a super heightened sense of smell and reflexes, can morph into any person from another’s memories, emit supersonic screams, and has complete control over fire and water.
  • Professor Albert Kingston- Secret agent of Base 22 and former proprietor (being the grandson of the founders of the base in the first place). He was a professor at Harvard Law and kept a secret eye on Shaw, unknown to him that Albert was more to him than just a college professor. A mysterious figure (an agent from the Ultimatum Mafia) killed Kingston in cold blood, leaving Rick the only witness. He will continue to play a big part of Shaw's new life even after his brutal death.