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About this Fanon:Edit

This is more of a Fan Art than it is a Fanon. It is drawn much like a comic and comes in pieces to tell about how Marshall Lee needs help from his friends in order to retrieve some mysterious object that is very special to him; however, that certain object just so happens to reside deep down inside a creepy, monster-ridden, zombie infested, broken down old castle in the middle of the dark lands. While everyone seems timid to enter the spooky abandoned castle, Fionna reminds them all that they made their friend a promise to help, and they would have to keep it because that's what friends do. So far, Marshall has managed to get under Flame Prince's skin more than anyone else’s'...will the boys manage to get along in time to save Marshall's most prized possession before the sun comes up?

Chapters in this story are categorized into panels of six and there are four in progress that I am working on.

This Series contains many illustrations made from hand drawings and coloring on Photoshop.

Running Date: March 24, 2013- Present Day

Status: ACTIVE (Standing By until I get Photoshop)

Origin: Adventure Time Wiki

Rated: G (Content is suitable for all ages)

This is the first Picture that I ever uploaded onto Deviantart, and has gotten plenty of likes and feedback.


  • Fionna- A kick butt girl who loves adventure and is willing to help anything in need of help.
  • Cake- Fionna's adoptive sister and a cool cat with super stretchy powers that can grow almost as big as her attitude.
  • Marshall Lee- The Vampire King who enjoys playing games, music, and pranks on his friends. He's lived for over 1000 years in many different places, and it is in an old castle of his that he left something precious and he decided that he needs it back.
  • Prince Gumball- The Prince of the Candy Kingdom and a gentle soul who loves cooking, sewing, and to a lesser extent science. He is a little timid, but decides to help his friends retrieve Marshall Lee's lost item.
  • Flame Prince- He is the Prince of the Fire Kingdom, raised by a pack of feral Fire Lions. After meeting Fionna and Cake, he starts to adapt to modern society and is known to be a bit of a hot head and extremely tempermental. However, he has a crush on Fionna so he tries to act chilvarous for her, but gets angry when other boys flirt with her.
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